Monday, March 29, 2004

Yes you can have too many Boones 

None of you should be surprised about the hard-on Lincoln has for Aaron Boone. He’s just so nice and so damn family friendly; and being Bret’s brother just makes him an absolute lock to start third next year. We WILL sign him to a 3-year $18million deal. The FO will advertise him as a threat for 30 homers, and with the retirement of Edgar and possibly Olerud, Aaron will bat fifth behind Brett. Then they’ll come up with a cute family slogan like “The Boom Boom Boone brothers” or “Boonie Bashers” or something of that sort.

Of course, like many Mariner signings of late, this signing would make absolutely NO SENSE from a baseball point of view. What we should do is go after Delgado or Sexton, and sign Aaron as a utility player. But sigh… common sense is beyond the Front Office. Its gonna happen friends. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You should of seen it coming the moment the Yankees signed him to a one-year deal.

First of all they will overpay, because they’ll put more emphasis on his 2003 stats in Cincinnati, rather than his stats since he became a Yankee. Its sucks that Aaron Boone got injured!! He could have put up mediocre numbers at Yankee stadium for the 2004 season, and maybe then the FO wouldn’t overrate his power. According to The Bill James Handbook the Great American Ballpark has a 111 average factor for RHB and a 144!!!!! homerun factor (remember that 100 is considered neutral) over the past two years. In comparison Safeco field is 95 for RHB average and 80 for RHB power. For those of you paying attention that means its nearly twice as hard to hit a homerun at Safeco!!

Overpaying an aging RH pull-hitter with a .267/.327/.453 line (with 400 AB’s in a drastic hitter’s park), should not be a priority for a “World Series Contending” team. At Safeco Aaron Boone would be Cameron without the high OBP. It could get ugly.


Let me update myself 

It looks like Melvin is starting to lay off of the Buddha smoke.
You know what? As “safe” as Bob Melvin managed last year, he’s starting to tinker with things and take some chances. Combined that with his ability to take critism and admit mistakes, and he may end up being a pretty sharp manager in the future. Sure criticizing Davis and batting Ibanez fourth were mistakes, but at least he’s starting to hold his own.

I swear, Molitor is the best acquisition of the offseason. Does anybody remember the last time a batting coach was so involved with the players?? From the vibe of things, I’m getting the sense that he has really made a difference for guys like Ichiro and Olerud.

We feel your pain Bobby.
“I don't know if I'm impatient or what? But I do know I'm capable of pitching in the bigs right now and it's just so frustrating not being there. It's like trade me or play me, I don't want to end up rotting in the minors.”
Seriously. I’m not gonna waste energy ranting. It’s time to play them or trade them for some bats.

Speaking of trades, I’m completely down for a heavy dose of some Ken Griffey Jr!!!! That is if the Reds cover the deferred payments, we KEEP the lefty-mashing Winn as our fourth outfielder (turn him into our Super-Sub), and we don’t have to give up Nageotte, Blackey or Felix. Hell, if this was possible I’d be willing to give up four or five major-league ready pitchers. Don’t expect anything to happen though.

You know somethings wrong with the world when the cool level-headed Olympia Mariner starts losing it.

Oh and as for Ichiro, that’s 7 walks and counting…


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